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Ceramic Evolution

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Ceramic Evolution

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Ceramic Evolution


Book Now

Michael B Kelly is excited to be a part of your spiritual learning and growth.

Fill out the form below to get started!

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Event Information

Start Time of Event

End Time of Event

Dress Code
CasualBusiness CasualChurch AttireFormalOther

Engagement Type
SermonSeminarTrainingVespersMotivational TalkYouth ConsultingOther

How long will each presentation need to be?

Is there a special theme for the event?

Please check all the facility’s capabilities that apply:
Speaker-Controlled Power PointMedia PlaybackA/V Projector CordCordless MicrophoneDVD/CD

Who is the target audience?

Designated Contact Information

Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Phone Number
Name of Church / Location


**Can provisions be made for the pastor's wife or child to accompany?

***Will air travel and lodging be provided?

****Will travel expenses be reimbursed?

*****Will Pastor Kelly be allowed to sell his CDs/DVDs during his stay?

Honarium as follows:
Saturday morning only - $500.00Saturday morning plus evening $650Weekend (Friday, Saturday & Saturday evening) - $800Half Week (Wednesday through Saturday evening) - $1,100Full Week (Monday through Saturday evening) - $1,500

* Even if they are not presentations, please specify how many meetings, services, or activities Pastor Kelly will need to attend throughout the entire engagement.
** Although it is not required, having the option to bring Mrs. Kelly or one of his children is appreciated.
*** Please allow Pastor Kelly to look over the travel itinerary before the ticket is purchased. He prefers non-stop or one-stop routes versus 2 or more stop journeys and a window seat, if available to choose.
**** Pastor Kelly requests hotel accommodations unless he has chosen to stay with friends. If he chooses to stay with friends, he will communicate this preference with the specified contact person.
***** A per diem of $44/day will be appreciated for food.
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